Environment and Urban Green Division

The Environment and Urban Green Division carries out specialized services to support green management for Public Administrations, Bodies, Companies and Individuals. Thirty years of experience and the specific expertise of its staff have allowed the development of services to ensure the safety of citizens and an efficient management of the “green” by Public Administrations.

Operative activities

Environment and Urban Green Services

Agri 2000’s experience in the management of urban green

Guidelines for the management of the tree heritage

Green Management®: services for the environment and urban greenery

Agri 2000 has developed a range of “exclusive services” to meet the requirements of its clients for the management of urban green named Green Management®.

Application of the main national and international methodologies for assessing the risk associated with the presence of trees and proposals for mitigation interventions.


Integrated methods and systems the static analysis of entire tree avenues, also by means of the analysis of meteorological data which impact on the stability of plants. Exclusive services to provide concrete answers to the need for competitivity.


An exclusive product to assess and enhance tree-lined streets.

Street up®

Integrated methods to gather and digitalize all public green data.



The Environment and Urban Green Division of Agri 2000 Net, from 7 March 2012 obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification (certifying body SGS Italy), for the following activities:

  • Design and provision of urban green spaces inventory services
  • Urban green phytopathology assessment
  • Trees stability evaluation

Quality policy

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