Who we are

Agri 2000 was founded in 1985 by a group of 7 Agricultural Science graduates. Right from the start 3 distinct departments were set up: Agronomic field trials, Economic Studies and Urban Green Studies.

Over the many years of its history Agri 2000 developed intuition regarding the beginning of experimental field trials and it continues to conduct these trials together with “regulatory” consultancy for clients producing technical solutions for agriculture, economic studies for the agricultural supply chain and agrichemical companies, studies on the stability of trees and tree statics, censuses and enhancement of the management of green areas.

Our Mission

To produce services and solutions for companies which provide technical solutions for agriculture, for the agriculture supply chain and for managers of public green areas, through the identification of our Clients’ needs and attention to People. Our Clients’ needs guide our activities and represent Agri 2000’s “raison d’être”.

The main tools we use in our work

  • Attention to the market and our clients’ needs, flexibility and dynamism of our proposals;
  • Esteem, respect, loyalty and trust among founders and collaborators;
  • Recognition of the value of the enterprise as something that is “good for everyone”;
  • Attention to people (clients, suppliers, colleagues and competitors);
  • Communication as a fundamental element in relations.