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Competitive and professional farmer rating ©

Competitive rating

Agri 2000 regularly invests in knowledge gathering activities regarding the issues, the needs and the dynamics of the agrofood chain.

Agri 2000’s “Competitive rating©” is not a tool to assess the creditworthiness of agricultural or agrifood companies, but rather a model to assess and support their development.

It is a “diagnostic” tool, useful in analyzing the situation of the company and in planning the necessary actions to move towards the next phase of competitive development.

The rating devised by Agri 2000 takes a set of variables and attributes a score to each, between 0 and 3, on the basis of the level of organizational and managerial development reached by the company. The sum of the scores for each variable enables the identification of the overall development stage of the company: (stage 1) not entrepreneurial (score from 0 to 4); (stage 2) closed entrepreneurial (score from 5 to 11); (stage 3) open entrepreneurial (score from 12 to 18); (stage 4) networking company (score 19).

Rating of the professional farmer©

Agri 2000 is a promoter of the Observatory on innovation in agricultural enterprises with the 7th Report produced with the patronage of over 80 bodies and companies in the sector. For over 25 years it has been studying the dynamics and factors regarding competitiveness of agrofood companies.

Agri 2000 devised a new service named Rating of the professional farmer© to support Bodies, Institutions and banks in assigning funds and finance more pertinently.

The Rating provides an objective measurable response to the question: How do you measure the entrepreneurial skills of the owner of a company?

The Rating of the Managerial Farmer©can represent a useful support in the definition of financing classification which more closely respects the strategic objectives in the assignment of public funds to the most meritorious individuals.