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Exclusive services to give a concrete response to the need for competitiveness of Italian agrifood businesses.

Integrated services for agrochemical companies

Company performance check up ©®

AgriManager – It’s a route created to increase entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector.

It’s an innovative project, born thanks to the partnership between Agri2000 and Emilbanca, in order to increase entrepreneurship and knowledge of the agricultural producers located in Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Reggio-Emilia and Parma.

Club of Product©

Comparison between members to improve quality and productivity of companies.

How to support farmers / suppliers in continuously improving the technical and economic efficiency of their company? How to increase its profitability in the productions being supplied to obtain a loyalty of the best?

What the service offers

  • It allows farmers/suppliers to analyze their production costs and to compare them anonymously with the «best» by means of a system of on-line benchmarking accessible from the company website in a reserved fashion.
  • It enables the checking of the impact on profitability of technical choices taken and to compare your own production techniques with other farmers/suppliers with a view to continuous performance improvement.
  • It increases the farmers’/suppliers’ sense of trust in and connection with the company and it encourages the emergence of collaboration among the most dynamic entrepreneurs.

Biosolution International Event – MacFrut

Within each edition of MacFrut, Agri 2000 Net carries out initiatives aimed at enhancing the world of Biosolutions (biocontrol, biostimulation and nutrition).