The unit carries out services regarding procedures for plant health product registration, it conducts laboratory studies and it manages and develops projects aimed at the evaluation of sustainability of the agricultural supply chain.

The unit is specialized in all that concerns plant protection and in particular on the assessment of the efficacy of plant health products.
The work group is characterized by wide-ranging professionality based on synergies of the skills of the Biology Division and the Economics & Food Chain Division.

Services for the registration of plant health products

  • Elaborazione e redazione di dossier biologici (BAD)

  • Analisi e ottimizzazione della GAP di un prodotto

  • Analisi dei dati disponibili in supporto alla registrazione in funzione dei requisiti minimi necessari e degli usi maggiori e minori riconosciuti nei paesi membri interessati

  • Analisi dello stato di resistenze ad un principio attivo, del rischio intrinseco del prodotto di insorgenza di resistenze, e sviluppo di strategie prodotto specifiche per la gestione del rischio

  • Product Strategic Assessment e documentazione di supporto al comparative assessment (Art 50, Reg. EU 1107/2009)

Laboratory Studies

  • Taint tests on fresh and processed products in accordance with EPPO guideline: PP 1/242 (2)

  • Processing tests for the study of the effects of a plant health product in food processing in accordance with EPPO guideline: PP 1/243 (2)

  • Vinification trials for the study of the effect of a plant health product on the fermentation and the quality of a wine in accordance with EPPO guideline: PP 1/268 (1)

Other registration services

  • Relations with authoritative sector experts: efficacy assessors in various member states (South zone and United Kingdom), national ministerial authorities, agronomists with knowledge of the territory (in Italy, Greece, Spain and France)

  • Sustainability studies on integrated strategies for plant health defense