The unit carries out services regarding procedures for plant health product registration, it conducts laboratory studies and it manages and develops projects aimed at the evaluation of sustainability of the agricultural supply chain. The unit is specialized in all that concerns plant protection and in particular on the assessment of the efficacy of plant health products.

The work group is characterized by wide-ranging professionality based on synergies of the skills of the Biology Division and the Economics & Food Chain Division.

Services for the registration of plant health products

Agri 2000 boasts ten years’ experience in preparing biological efficacy dossiers for formulations subject to reregistration or first registration. The Regulatory Unit consists of experienced personnel who work full time on services in the regulatory ambit. The work group possesses specific regulatory competence and can rely on the synergy with the test centre technicians regarding agronomic competence and knowledge of the territory. The wide-ranging professionality and the habit of dialogue with expert assessors in various European countries enable the unit to provide its clients with reliable support in the definition of GAP, in the selection of trials and studies and in the choice of the best arguments to support the requested uses.

Identification of registration strategies

  • Analysis and optimization of the GAP of a product
  • Identification of strategic uses to be authorized
  • Support in the planning of studies
  • Optimization of experimental protocols

Data package analysis

  • Analysis of data available to support registration (on the basis of the minimum requirements necessary and the major and minor recognized uses in the relevant member countries)
  • Elaboration and summary of data with customized software solutions

Analysis and management of resistance

  • Analysis of the degree of resistance of an active principle
  • Analysis of the risk of the development of resistance
  • Development of strategies for the management of risk connected to the development of resistance

Documents to support the process of comparative assessment (Art 50, Reg. EU 1107/2009)


Agri 2000 Net has a panel of expert tasters for carrying out taint tests on all fresh or processed agricultural products, in compliance with the EPPO PP 1/242 (2) guideline.
Agri 2000 Net autonomously produces many types of processed products (e.g. from fruit, tomatoes or potatoes: juices, purées, jams, concentrates, frozen foods; olive oil, table olives).
For processes involving a biological factor (e.g. yeasts in fermentation) processing studies are carried out by detecting the significant parameters for the process (e.g. acidity, brine concentration, etc.) in order to identify or exclude possible negative influences of the applications in the field and in post-harvest of the experimental products.
Compliance with EPPO guideline PP 1/243 (2).

Agri2000 is able to carry out, through collaborations with specialized structures, winemaking tests to evaluate the influence of applications in the field on the winemaking process and on the quality of the wine obtained.
Compliance with EPPO guideline PP 1/268 (1).


Agri 2000 Net performs laboratory tests and semi-field tests for new biostimulants. The studies are conducted directly in Agri 2000 Net laboratories, growth chambers and air-conditioned greenhouses, and in collaboration with public and private scientific institutions.

  • Screening and selection of candidate biological matrices for biostimulating effect;
  • Characterization of biostimulant effects;
  • Study of the mechanism of action: analysis of the metabolic pathways stimulated in microorganisms or model plants (bio-assays, biochemical tests, genomics and metabolomics tests);
  • Study of dosages in relation to target effects;
  • Simulation of abiotic stress under controlled conditions to verify the effect of biostimulants in containing their negative effects.


Agri 2000 Net designs and carries out agronomic trials in open fields and greenhouses for the development and registration of biostimulants and fertilizers. The skills and experience accumulated make it possible to define the most appropriate protocols that comply with national regulatory requirements and with the European regulation 2019/1009. These skills are supported by the participation of the bio-solutions development manager of Agri 2000 Net in the CEN working group on standards for demonstrating biostimulant claims.

The tests are conducted with a careful choice of the location of the tests, of the most uniform conditions possible and are supported by the availability of a vast series of instruments for detecting the physiological conditions of the plants (water stress, chlorophyll content, photosynthesis trend, gases from the leaves) and the quality of the harvested product (hardness, acidity, colour).
The findings on the quality of the harvested product can be integrated by the sensory analyzes carried out by the panel of sensory judges of Agri 2000 Net.


Agri 2000 Net provides support for the registration of biostimulant products according to the national requirements of European countries and according to the requirements of the EU regulation 2019/1009.


Agri 2000 Net has entered into partnerships with important supply chain organizations and has organic forms of collaboration with others. This makes it possible to organize trials to demonstrate the products’ ability to improve the profitability of farmers participating in the supply chains concerned.