Urban Green Environmental Division

Guidelines for the management of arboreal heritage

The management of public parks pursues some main social and economic objectives, such as:

  • Security
  • Green quality
  • Rationalization of spending

These general objectives are proposed in the “Guidelines for the management of public tree heritage” drawn up by the Italian Association of Directors and Technicians of Public Gardens (AIDTPG).

The guidelines of the AIDTPG propose a series of actions that the administrators of public parks must necessarily implement in order to achieve the objectives. The actions to be implemented essentially consist of:

  • Knowledge of the green heritage;
  • Management of maintenance and safety of the green heritage;
  • Renewal of trees;
  • Communication to citizens.

Some notes on jurisprudence

The owner of the asset is liable for damage caused by the asset itself according to art. 2051 of the cod. civil law which states: “Everyone is responsible for the damage caused by the things he has in custody, unless he proves it by chance.”

Since the possibility of harmful events occurring cannot be ignored, art. 40 of the cod. criminal law states that: “Not preventing an event, which you have a legal obligation to prevent, is equivalent to causing it.”

It is therefore necessary, for the peace of mind of the administrators of public parks and for the safety of citizens, to prepare all the necessary and indispensable actions for the control and management of public parks. Good management of public parks requires shared decisions and adequate resources. It is essential to be able to count on the technical support of solid and structured companies, with great experience and capacity for innovation.