Guidelines for the management of the tree heritage

Guidelines for the management of the tree heritage

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The management of public green spaces follows some main aims of a social and economic nature, such as:

  • Safety
  • Quality of green spaces
  • Rationalization of costs

These general objectives are laid out in the «Guidelines for the management of the public tree heritage» edited by the Italian Association of Directors and Technicians of Public Gardens (AIDTPG).

The AIDTPG’s guidelines propose a series of actions that public green administrators are obliged to implement in order to reach their objectives.
The actions to be implemented consist of:

  • Knowledge of the green heritage;
  • Management of maintenance and safety of the green heritage;
  • Replanting of trees;
  • Communication with citizens.

Some notes regarding legal aspects

The owner of property and goods is responsible for damage caused by them on the basis of of civil law code.

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Guidelines AIDTPG