Agri 2000’s experience in the management of urban green

Agri 2000 has been developing innovative services for the management and control of public green for over 30 years.
Agri 2000’s services have been applied by the Bologna City Council continuously for over 20 years.

Over these years we have worked for many public administrations in the centre and north of Italy, including: Turin, Trieste, Padua, Vicenza, Novara, Pavia, Latisana, San Donà di Piave, Arezzo, Chieti, Fidenza and many other town councils in Emilia Romagna.

Carrying out censuses of green

Most relevant services

Carrying out censuses of green in several Italian city councils including Bologna, Trieste, Ravenna.

Redesign and total reorganization of the archive of data from the census of green areas in Bologna in order to improve its functionality and effectiveness in inquiries.

Constant visual monitoring of Bologna’s green heritage (for over 20 years) to collect and organize maintenance requirements, with estimates of the interventions and insertion of the requests in an information system.

Careful visual monitoring of trees in green spaces and avenues of trees for numerous local authorities in the North and Centre of Italy.

Visual monitoring of damage suffered by tree root systems following excavations near trees.

Instrument static assessment of around 100,000 trees in several Italian town councils using different instruments (sonic and root tomograph, resistograph, fractometer).

Continuous static assessment of the trees of the City Council of Bologna carried out for over 20 years. The large amount of data collected over the years are processed to provide statistical analysis.

Controlled pulling tests on 135 trees in a single avenue of trees (Viale Mac Mahon) in the City Council of Milano.

Controlled pulling tests on dozens of trees in the City Council of Bologna.

Application of the Street UP methodology on several avenues of trees in the City Council of Bologna and San Donà di Piave.


Agri 2000’s Environment and Urban Green Division obtained certification of compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard from SGS Italia Spa on 07/03/02 and in 2018 it updated the certificate to encorporate the 2015 revision (certificate N° IT18/0682.01) for the following activities:

  • censuses of botany and secular trees
  • plant disease surveys and monitoring
  • assessments of the stability of trees by means of innovative diagnostic techniques, including the assessment of the root aparatus following the carrying out of excavations for the laying of an IT cable network

  Quality policies


Agri 2000 avails of a collaboration contract with the University di Bologna to develop innovative research regarding the control of the stability of trees in an urban environment.

Agri 2000 is part of ITEG (Independent Tree Expert Group), an association of experts on tree stability which uses an integrated holistic approach when carrying out stability tests. In fact ITEG members makes use of a combination of visual and instrumental methods which permet an analytical assessment of the overall situation of the tree.