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FederBio Servizi and Agri 2000 Net create BioSolutions Field Masters project

FederBio and Agri2000 Net create  BioSolutions Field Masters project
In a context of exponential growth of the biological sector, either in terms of demand and supply, FederBio Servizi, the reference company of services for the Italian biological sector, and Agri 2000 Net, one of the most authoritative and organized research centers in the sector of biosolutions for agriculture in Southern Europe, combine their strength to face the needs of operators of the biological supply chains. The heart of the agreement: the identification of solutions, suitable in biological agriculture, effective for disease and pest control of as well as for the qualitative and quantitative improvement of production.

Through experiences on the field, the two agricultural service companies will test the best solutions for biodefense, biofertilization and biostimulation of crops, in response to emerging needs of the biological sector, providing the world of production with experimental results and expert’s assessment on the use and effectiveness of the tested products.

BioSolutions Field Masters will be an authoritative point of reference for agricultural companies, stakeholders in production chains and producers of authorized technical means for organic farming.

Federbio Servizi: Tel: 0521-289375
Agri 2000 Net Srl: Tel: 051-4128045
Press Office FederBio – Silvia Voltan: Mob. 331 1860936
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