The offices and facilities in Spain

Site Facility- Alcalá de Guadaíra (Siviglia)

Vite, frutticole, ciliegie, fragole e frutti rossi, cereali, mais, girasole, barbabietola, erba medica, agrumi, ulivo, cotone, riso

Test Facility- Marin Pontevedra (La Coruna)

Vite, orticole, frutticole (pesche e cachi), cereali, pomacee

Site Facility- Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia)

Vite, orticole, frutticole (pesche e cachi), ciliegie, cereali, agrumi, ulivo, riso

Agri 2000 Iberia SL thanks to its extensive coverage in the Spanish territory, is able to perform experimental field tests on the most important cultures of southern Europe.

legenda-Northern-Greece Test Facility Facility- Alcalá de Guadaíra (Siviglia)

Vine, fruit trees, cherries, strawberries and red fruits, cereals, corn, sunflower, beetroot, alfalfa, citrus fruits, olive, cotton, rice

legenda-Europa-collaborazioni Test Facility- Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia)

Vine, vegetables, fruit (peaches and persimmons), cherries, cereals, citrus fruits, olive trees, rice

legenda-Southern-Greece Test Facility- Marin Pontevedra (Coruña)

Vine, vegetables, fruit (peaches and persimmons), cereals, pome fruits