Rating of the professional farmer©

Agri 2000 is a promoter of the Observatory on innovation in agricultural enterprises with the 7th Report produced with the patronage of over 80 bodies and companies in the sector. For over 25 years it has been studying the dynamics and factors regarding competitiveness of agrofood companies.

Agri 2000 devised a new service named Rating of the professional farmer© to support Bodies, Institutions and banks in assigning funds and finance more pertinently.

The Rating provides an objective measureable response to the question: How do you measure the entrepreneurial skills of the owner of a company?

The Rating of the Managerial Farmer© can represent a useful support in the definition of financing classification which more closely respects the strategic objectives in the assignment of public funds to the most meritorious individuals.

Variables Not entrepreneurial Closed entrepreneurship Open entrepreneurship Engaged in a network
Scoring (0-4) (5-11) (12-18) (19)
Organization Direct supervision (0) Direct supervision (0) Controlled supervision (1) Indirect control (2)
Planning and control Absent (0) Elementary (1) Structured (2) Benchmarking (3)
Relations Capital Absent (0) Occasional collaborations (1) Structured exchange with other enterprise (2) Systematic and formalised collaboration with companies and institutions (3)
Knowledge creation and management Absent (0) Acquisition and transmission of techniques (1) Development of human capital (2) Totally participated development (3)
Strategic Planning Absent (0) Brief period (1) Brief-Medium period (2) Medium-Long period (3)
Investment Only plant and equipment (0) Professional competence (1) Professional competence and market knowledge (2) Professional competence and market knowledge and construction (3)
Orientation Product (0) Product (0) Market (1) Innovation (2)

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