Services for Agricultural enterprises

Services for Agricultural enterprises

Farming Partnership

Thousands of Italian agricultural enterprises are in difficulty due to their small dimension, critical factors based on the management of all processes by just one entrepreneur and relating to the increasing competitiveness of markets.

The Farming Partnership provides a practicable route to increase the competitiveness of Italian agricultural companies through specific consultancy and to encourage young farmers to continue managing the farms.

Agri 2000 is the company which has studied and looked into the phenomenon and application of a new company organizational format more than other companies the Aggregated Agricultural Enterprise.

At the end of this work, a competitiveness growth model for Italian agricultural enterprises was devised (Aggregated Agricultural Enterprise).

In addition to providing specific consultancy to enterprises that are interested in setting up an Aggregated Agricultural Enterprise, Agri 2000 is the first company in Italy to have created a website that provides indications and updates on this type of company which is of particular relevance for the future of agriculture in our country.