Competitive rating©

Agri 2000 regularly invests in knowledge gathering activities regarding the issues, the needs and the dynamics of the agrofood chain.

Agri 2000’s “Competitive rating©” is not a tool to assess the creditworthiness of agricultural or agrifood companies, but rather a model to assess and support their development.

It is a “diagnostic” tool, useful in analyzing the situation of the company and in planning the necessary actions to move towards the next phase of competitive development.

The rating devised by Agri 2000 takes a set of variables and attributes a score to each, between 0 and 3, on the basis of the level of organizational and managerial development reached by the company. The sum of the scores for each variable enables the identification of the overall development stage of the company: (stage 1) not entrepreneurial (score from 0 to 4); (stage 2) closed entrepreneurial (score from 5 to 11); (stage 3) open entrepreneurial (score from 12 to 18); (stage 4) networking company (score 19).

Variables Not entrepreneurial Closed entrepreneurship Open entrepreneurship Engaged in a network
Scoring (0-4) (5-11) (12-18) (19)
Organization Direct supervision (0) Direct supervision (0) Controlled supervision (1) Indirect control (2)
Planning and control Absent (0) Elementary (1) Structured (2) Benchmarking (3)
Relations capital Absent (0) Occasional collaborations (1) Structured exchange with other enterprises (2) Systematic and formalised collaboration with companies and institutions (3)
Knowledge creation and management Absent (0) Acquisition and transmission of techniques (1) Development of human capital (2) Totally participated development (3)
Strategic planning Absent (0) Brief period (1) Brief-Medium period (2) Medium-Long period (3)
Investment Only plant and equipment (0) Professional Competence (1) Professional Competence and market knowledge (2) Professional Competence and market knowledge and construction (3)
Orientation Product (0) Product (0) Market (1) Innovation (2)

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