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Economics & Food Chain Division supports companies producing technical means with many services.

End-User brand monitor©®

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Launched in 2013, the End-User Brand Monitor©®service is a product devised by Agri 2000 to support the marketing and sales departments of agrochemical companies.
End-User Brand Monitor©®is an indispensable tool to establish brand equity strategies and to measure the marketing performance of the products of each agrochemical company.

The results of the End-User Brand Monitor©®

• End-user level prices of plant protection products
• Penetration of brands acquired for disease and phenological phases
• Technical positioning (treatments and doses) of products used at end-user level
• Satisfaction level of individual brand end-user levels.

Custom Survey

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Custom surveys: are CATI/CAWI surveys and focus groups on samples of: • professional end-users
• Opinion leading technicians
• Mass distribution
• Consumers

Examples of surveys carried out

• Analysis of the perception of producers in relation to a new herbicide
• Analysis of the perception of the trade in relation to integrated defense
• Analysis of the perception of consumers in relation to the Valtellina apple
• Analysis of customer satisfaction, analysis of Key Buying Factors
• Analysis of technical and economical positioning and comparison with main competitors
• Analysis of emerging needs and the creation of technical and economic after-sales services
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