Trials on nutritionals and biostimulants

  • Preliminary studies on biostimolants

  • Field tests and trials on biostimolants

  • Technical support for the registration of biostimolants

  • Support in the definition of market entry strategy

Preliminary studies on biostimulants

Agri 2000 conducts laboratory and semi-field tests for new biostimolants. The studies are carried out directly and in collaboration with public and private scientific institutions.

  • Screening and selection of biological strains which are candidates as biostimulants;
  • Characterization of effects of biostimolants;
  • Study of “mode of action”: bio-tests, biochemical tests, genomic tests, metabolomic, ionomic;
  • Identification of the target crops;
  • Study of the dose effect in relation to the target crop

SCALING-UP field test and tests in protected condition

Agri 2000 carries out development work on biostimulant products: the most appropriate study protocol, and types of assessment to observe and quantify specific biostimulant effects, observation of efficacy in highly realistic conditions, identification of possible positioning of products, sensorial analysis.

Agri 2000 relies on its own Sensory Project Managers, officially recognised by the Italian Sensory Science Society.

Support for the registeration of biostimulants

Agri 2000 is able to provide support in the registration of biostimulant products.

Currently, each member state has a different approach to biostimulant regulation.

While waiting for an EU regulation of biostimulants, Agri 2000 can organize the dossier for registration in Italy and Spain, the two most important markets in Europe.

The registration documentation is submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture.