Laboratory studies on the efficacy of herbicides and on weed resistance

Agri 2000 conducts experimental trials on crops in greenhouses to evaluate resistance of weeds to the action of new herbicides.

“In vivo” trials

They are conducted in greenhouses, depending on the different conditions of usage. Pre or post-emergence, in dry or wet conditions and in the various development phases of the weeds and crops.

  • Evaluation of the response to predefined doses
  • Evaluation of the dose-response curve
  • Evaluation of “baseline sensitivity”

“In vitro” trials

They are conducted in a laboratory. Both tests are designed to identify the type of resistance (metabolic, target-site, combined). The trials refer to the official guidelines, in conformity with BPS and therefore can be utilized in the preparation of Biological Dossiers.

  • Enzimatic level
  • Genetic level